XDispatch 0.7.2
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base.h File Reference
#include <string>

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class  xdispatch::object
 The base class of all xdispatch classes. More...


namespace  xdispatch


#define DISPATCH_DECL(name)   typedef struct name##_s *name##_t
#define DISPATCH_EXTERN   extern


typedef void * dispatch_object_t
typedef void(* dispatch_function_t )(void *)
typedef dispatch_time_t xdispatch::time
 Stores high resolution times used for timers and timeouts throughout xdispatch.


enum  xdispatch::queue_priority { xdispatch::HIGH = 2, xdispatch::DEFAULT = 1, xdispatch::LOW = 0 }
 Three priority classes used for the three standard global queues. More...


bool xdispatch::operator== (const dispatch_object_t &, const object &)
bool xdispatch::operator!= (const dispatch_object_t &, const object &)
queue xdispatch::main_queue ()
 Returns the main queue.
queue xdispatch::global_queue (queue_priority p=DEFAULT)
 Returns the global queue associated to the given Priority p.
queue xdispatch::current_queue ()
time xdispatch::as_dispatch_time (struct tm *)
dispatch_time_t xdispatch::as_native_dispatch_time (const time &t)
struct tm xdispatch::as_struct_tm (const time &t)
time xdispatch::as_delayed_time (uint64_t delay, time base=time_now)
void xdispatch::exec ()
 Enters the dispatching loop for the main thread.


static const time xdispatch::time_now = DISPATCH_TIME_NOW
 A constant representing a time that will be elapsed immediately.
static const time xdispatch::time_forever = DISPATCH_TIME_FOREVER
 A constant representing infinite time, i.e.
static const uint64_t xdispatch::nsec_per_sec = NSEC_PER_SEC
 The number of nanoseconds per second.
static const uint64_t xdispatch::nsec_per_msec = NSEC_PER_MSEC
 The number of nanoseconds per millisecond.
static const uint64_t xdispatch::nsec_per_usec = NSEC_PER_USEC
 The number of nanoseconds per microsecond.
static const uint64_t xdispatch::usec_per_sec = USEC_PER_SEC
 The number of microseconds per second.
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