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Marius Zwicker / ERB


bcsdatasim is an executable that needs to be run on all systems you want to simulate the interfaces on as well as the actual hardware when you need to trace the interface traffic.

It provides this backend by using two possible runmodes.

The bcsdatasim executable has the following options by default:

-h, --helpPrint a help dialog
-v, --versionGive version information
-s, --serverRun as TCP server. Data will not be generated internally, but accepted via Network and passed into the system.
-r, --realUse real can ports as output instead of simulated onces. This is especially usefull when you have looped the can ports. Hint: This has no effect except on the netdcu platform!

TCP Protocol

Our tcp protocol was implemented using the low level protocol defined in bcs_tcp.h. Messages following the protocol can be sent as well as received. The following package types were currently defined:

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