libHartwer - Documentation

File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
bcs_can.h [code]Basic CAN Port functions
bcs_com.h [code]Basic COM Port functions
bcs_configuration.h [code]Configuration options
bcs_errorcodes.h [code]Error codes for libHartwer
bcs_general.h [code]Some general datatypes
bcs_global.h [code]
bcs_io.h [code]Routines for reading and modifying digital I/O as well as A/D ports
bcs_ipcqueue.h [code]Routines accessing interprocess message queues
bcs_powercontrol.h [code]Provides functions for controlling device specific functions
bcs_queue.h [code]Simple fifo command queue
bcs_semaphore.h [code]Mapping for different semaphore implementations
bcs_sm.h [code]Utilities for creating and acessing shared memory segments
bcs_tcp.h [code]Network routines as defined by Elefant Racing Bayreuth

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