libHartwer - Documentation

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
BCS_canmsgStructure representing a CAN message
BCS_canportGeneric filehandler used for canport access in libHartwer
BCS_comportGeneric filehandler used for com port access in libHartwer
BCS_FF_queueFilehandler used for fifo queue access within libHartwer
BCS_IO_adThis struct is used when using analog inputs
BCS_ioportGeneric filehandler used for I/O access in libHartwer
BCS_QueueFilehandler used for ipc queue access within libHartwer
BCS_SM_valuestructProvides easy access to the shared memory values if all values are needed
BCS_TCP_connectionStruct representing a connection
BCS_TCP_packageStruct representing a network package

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